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hOlistic Sustainable Management of distributed
softWARE systems (OSMWARE)

07 de December del 2023

Last Monday, December 4th, our colleague @CoralCalero participated as a keynote speaker of the project hOlistic Sustainable Management of distributed softWARE systems (OSMWARE), led by Professor Antonio Brogi and financed by the @unipisa...     Read Complete News

OASSIS Project: Elisa Jiménez Advances Towards Software Sustainability

24 de November del 2023

From next December, Elisa Jiménez, PhD student of the GreenTeam of Grupo Alarcos, will begin the FPI grant of the national research project OASSIS (Towards More Sustainable Software Organizations: A Holistic Approach to Promote Economic, Human and Environmental Sustainability), financed by the ...     Read Complete News

Future and Technology

07 de November del 2023

On November 8, our colleague Coral Calero will participate in the Future and Technology Conference with...     Read Complete News

III Conference of the Young Academy of Spain 2023 | Young Academy of Spain

03 de November del 2023

Our colleague Coral Calero participated last Friday, October 27th in the round table of researchers and students of the III Jornada de la Academia Joven de España 2023 "Science in the periphery: from the problem...     Read Complete News

Enterprise Design, Operations
and Computing

30 de October del 2023

Our colleague CoralCalero will be one of the guest speakers at the 27th EDOC (Enterprise Design, Operations and Computing) international conference, whose 2023 edition will take place in Groningen and whose special theme will be ...     Read Complete News


26 de October del 2023

Last Friday, October 20th, our colleagues from Alarcos Green Team appeared in the newspaper Lanza from Ciudad Real, in an extensive reportage about their work in "Green Software". On Sunday 22nd the content appeared in digital format, in ...     Read Complete News

I Global Forum on Artificial
Intelligence and Sustainability

04 de October del 2023

On September 25 and 26, the "I Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability" was held in Seville, organized by the University of Seville and supported by Google. According to the organizers, the objective of this forum was to "give voice to the ...     Read Complete News

Stay of Javier Verón
of the University of San Jorge

02 de October del 2023

Javier Verón, PhD student at the University of San Jorge, is making a short stay to collaborate with our colleagues Coral Calero, María Ángeles Moraga and Félix García on issues related to the energy consumption of video games. This opens a new collaboration and a promising line of...     Read Complete News

Visit of Andrea Delgado
and Daniel Calegari

26 de September del 2023

Professors Andrea Delgado and Daniel Calegari from the University of La República (Uruguay) have visited our group in Ciudad Real for several days, taking advantage of their attendance to the BPM 2023 congress. During their stay, attended by our colleagues Félix García Rubio, Francisco...     Read Complete News

Model-driven management of
BPMN-based business process families

13 de September del 2023

Our colleagues Andrea Delgado, Daniel Calegari, Felix Garcia and Barbara Weber have presented the paper "Model-driven management of BPMN-based business process families" at the JCIS 2023 conference ...     Read Complete News


12 de September del 2023

Our colleagues Mª Ángeles Moraga and Coral Calero chair the organization of the Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies Society Conference (SISTEDES 2023) that takes place at the University of Castilla - La Mancha...     Read Complete News

Coral Calero second most prolific author on software sustainability worldwide

06 de September del 2023

Our colleague Coral Calero appears as the second most prolific author worldwide on software sustainability according to the study "Sustainability is Stratified: Toward a Better ...     Read Complete News

The empire
of the algorithm

18 de July del 2023

Our colleague Coral Calero has participated in the article El imperio del algoritmo, published in the magazine Alfa, Revista de seguridad nuclear y protección radiológica of the Spanish Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Council...     Read Complete News

Coral Calero at
Agile Alliance XP2023

27 de June del 2023

On June 15, Coral Calero was the keynote speaker at the international conference of the Agile Alliance XP2023, which took place in Amsterdam. The conference was entitled "To green or not to green: that's the question" and in it Coral made a tour on...     Read Complete News


01 de June del 2023

Our colleague Maria Angeles Moraga participated on May 10 in a network dialogue on Ecoinnovation and business sustainability with Professor Mª Carmen Cuerva in the I INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND SUSTAINABLE...     Read Complete News

Green-IN Machine
Learning at a Glance

29 de May del 2023

Our colleagues María Gutiérrez, Mª Ángeles Moraga, Félix García and Coral Calero have published the article "Green-IN Machine Learning at a Glance" in the IEEE Computer magazine. The article motivates the importance of considering energy ...     Read Complete News

Coral Calero in
"Habrá que investigarlo".

10 de May del 2023

On the occasion of her appointment as a member of the Research Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Coral Calero will be interviewed today, May 3 at 9 p.m. on the program "Habrá que investigarlo"...     Read Complete News

Software has a dark side
that few know about

08 de May del 2023

On the occasion of the conference to be held on April 28th at 20:30 in Valdepeñas, organized by Quixote Innovation and entitled "The dark side of software", our colleague Coral Calero has been interviewed by Onda Cero. The interview was about the impact of software on the environment...     Read Complete News

Coral Calero Keynote speaker
of the XP2023 conference

29 de March del 2023

Our colleague Coral Calero will be one of the Keynote speakers at the XP conference 2023. XP is the leading conference on agile software development that combines research and practice...     Read Complete News

Green algorithms: the road to more
sustainable artificial intelligence

10 de March del 2023

On 3 March, On 3 March, the Digital newspaper ABC has published an article entitled "Green algorithms: the path towards a more sustainable artificial intelligence" in which our colleague @CoralCalero was interviewed as an expert on the subject and director of the Green Algorithms area...     Read Complete News

Código verde: Houston
tenemos un problema

14 de February del 2023

Last February 2, Coral Calero gave the talk "Green Code: Houston we have a problem" to the students of the Higher Technical Degree in Training for Safe and Sustainable Mobility at Torcal Autoescuelas y Formación de Málaga....     Read Complete News

Women's and Girls'
Day in Science

10 de February del 2023

On Friday, February 10, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of women and girls in science, our colleagues Coral Calero, Elena Desdentado and Olivia Poy, gave a talk-workshop on the energy efficient use of software applications...     Read Complete News